USA ELECTS – a blog about US elections


This blog will serve as both a resource on US politics and a blog about elections to the Presidency, to Congress and to all State Offices in the US and its territories. Hopefully I’ll have time to put up some stuff about referenda and big city elections too.

The various state pages are, to a large extent, translated from a Norwegian site I’m running, so the odd Norwegianism and un-translated word may pop up here and there. That’s what you get for translating way into the night… if you find anything, please let me know in the comments section or shoot me an email on [gilhuus at hotmail dot com].

A few words about me: I was born in 1971, and by profession I teach English and Civics at a high school here in Norway. I have always had a strong fascination with the US and with electoral systems, so this is the natural product of those interests.

Politically speaking I’m mostly a libertarian, with a few deviations on foreign policy and law & order, where I’m considered to be slightly on the authoritarian side of Genghis Khan.

However, the goal of this blog is to present as objective information as possible and I can assure the readers that my anger at being wrong about a given election far outweighs any political leanings I might have when I make my ratings.

Independent candidates and various third party nominees are not usually mentioned, unless special circumstances warrant inclusion.

Some explanations:
For simplicity’s sake, I call every chamber in the various State Legislature “Senate” and “House”. All third parties and independents are lumped together as “O” for others. V means vacant.

An asterisk – * – means that the candidate is the incumbent.


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